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tool0 tool1 Change MIDI format
Change MIDI format 0 to 1 or reverse  

RIFF MIDI to Standard MIDI
Extract MIDI file from a .rmi file  
toolmakemedley Generate MIDI Medley
Combine MIDI files to one MIDI song (medley).  
Split MIDI medley  
splits a medley song generated by GNMIDI into parts  

toolkar2midi Karaoke to MIDI with lyrics
Converts MIDI files that contain song text to MIDI formats that can be displayed with certain keyboard displays and software.  
toolmidi2kar MIDI with lyrics to Karaoke (.kar)
Converts MIDI files that contain song text to .kar format  
toolcompress Compress MIDI
Decreases MIDI file size without changing the musical content.  
toolascii MIDI to ASCII text
Converts binary MIDI file to a readable text  
toolascii ASCII text back to MIDI
Converts modified text generated by MIDI to ASCII text operation back to MIDI file  
toolmirror Reverse MIDI song (mirror)
Generates a MIDI song that allows to play a MIDI song reverse (from end to beginning)  
MIDI to RTTTL (ring tones) ...
convert MIDI melody to a phone ring tone in RTTTL format  

convert RTTTL phone ring tones into a MIDI file.  

MIDI to Parsons code ...
convert MIDI melody to Parsons code (for identifying a melody)  

Initialize GM/GS/XG/GM2 mode
adds a reset mode sysex command or converts MIDI file to General MIDI.  

Convert MIDI to (.csv) speadsheet
converts MIDI data into a table that can be viewed and modified using spreadsheet applications  

Convert (.csv) spreadsheet to MIDI file
converts modified table back to MIDI file.  

Prepare Casio Lightning  
modifies song that a Casio LK keyboard lights keys for melody and bass  
Export song text into .lrc  
stores lyrics with time stamps into a text file  
Export song lyrics and chords into .crd  
stores unsynchronized lyrics and chord names into a text file  
Convert MP3 with fixed bitrate (Resample)  
converts a MP3 file using constant bitrate.  
Microsoft player are using a wrong song duration by estimation which may cause inexactness when jumping to a certain time during playing.  
Usually after resampling using a fixed bitrate the problem is solved.  
This conversion requires installation of the FFmpeg package.  
User operation ...  
Operations that are not available in GNMIDI might be programmed for you against a license fee and can be added to this menu.