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toolsubmenu Controller operations
toolsubmenu Note operations

toolsubmenu Sound operations

toolsubmenu Tempo operations

toolsubmenu Volume operations

Delete chords

Chords editor ...  
modify or insert or delete chords. Using GNMIDI Light license chords editor is not available.  

toolcut Copy part of MIDI
Copies or deletes a part from a MIDI song  
Clone channel...  
Copies all commands of an existing channel to a new channel with optional delay  

toolsorttracks Sort track order
change the order of tracks  
tooltrim Trim delay at end of song
Deletes pauses behind ending of last note  
toolmapchannels Map channel numbers ...
renumber the MIDI channels  
toolhumanize Humanize MIDI
add small random timing errors to a MIDI song  
toolresolution Change MIDI resolution (PPQ)
recalculate MIDI file to a new MIDI resolution  
toolsetupmeasure Generate setup measure ...
add a setup measure in front of MIDI song that initializes parameters  
tooltracktitle Delete tracks
remove selected MIDI tracks  
toolcopyright MIDI file copyright
display existing copyright info or add a new copyright notice.  

toolsecret MIDI file secret copyright
show or add secret copyright information  
tooltracktitle Edit MIDI track titles
change track titles  
tooledittext Edit Text ...
Modify song text and markers and track titles  
toolkaraokeeditor Karaoke editor ...
Synchronize song text syllables to melody notes. Using GNMIDI Light license karaoke editor is not available.  
toolsync Synchronizing editor ...
Synchronize song text line by line in real time during playing  
Insert empty measure
insert an empty measure of given length  

Fit improvisation to score sheet
maps free recorded song with help of some markers to bar positions