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Window menu
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New window
Opens another window with same content  

Windows are moved so that one overlaps the other.  

Windows are moved one beside the other  
Arrange Icons
Minimized windows are arranged to get better overview  

Close all windows
Quickly close all windows without saving changes  

Player Toolbar  
Hides or shows player dockable toolbar  
Metronome Toolbar  
Hides or shows metronome dockable toolbar  
Status Bar  
Hides or shows status bar at bottom of application  

Choose Text Font ...  
text font used in MIDI information window  

Choose Dialog Font ...  
text font used in dialog content.  
Default font is MS Sans Serif 8.  
Do not choose too big font because many dialog items have fixed size and the item text will then be cut.  
A nice font is e.g. Comic Sans MS 9  
Choose Karaoke Font ...  
text font used in karaoke display  
Hint: You could also change font using Themes  
Choose font for entering lyrics  
text font used at beginning of Karaoke editor and Synchronisiation editor to enter or modify lyrics. The font should have fixed pitch (all characters have same width) that the chord line feature in the synchronisation editor can be used.  
Choose Synchronisation editor font ...  
select a font and font size for displaying lyric lines in synchronisation editor dialog  
Choose Karaoke editor list font ...  
select a font and font size for displaying lyric syllables in karaoke editor dialog  
Choose Karaoke editor preview font ...  
select a font and font size for displaying preview lyrics in karaoke editor dialog  
Themes ...  
shows the collected list of themes found in *.theme text files (in program folder, in appdata folder, in documents folder). A theme is a collection of display settings of the karaoke view (e.g. font, background color, text colors, karaoke ball color, karaoke ball size). Some standard themes are available in program folder (file standard.theme). They can be copied to user themes and then edited with the theme editor.  
tool_split_fullinformation Maximize information window
splits the current window so that only the upper information part is visible  
tool_split_karaokefull Maximize karaoke window
splits the current window so that only the bottom karaoke part is visible  
tool_split_half Split karaoke and information window
splits the window into half so that both karaoke and information parts are visible  
Maximize opened windows  
normally new windows are opened smaller and positioned near the previous opened window.  
With this option a new document will be automatically opened maximized. The karaoke text is better readable and can be displayed with bigger font.  
Window list  
Shows list of currently open document windows, the active document is checked. Selecting a document window will bring it into front and activate it.