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Information displayed in a MIDI document window
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The upper part of a MIDI document window contains following information if a standard MIDI file or a MP3 file is loaded:

Here is the explanation of fields:
the full pathname of the MIDI file, it is a path into the Windows temporary folder and filename starts with new00 if the file is temporary (not saved yet).

the number of bytes in this file

MIDI Version:   
the version (also called MIDI format or MIDI type) is a number between 0 and 2.
Version 0 MIDI file has only one track that contains all MIDI commands of all channels sorted by time.
Version 1 MIDI file has more tracks, where first track is reserved for conductor and all other tracks should only contain one channel.
Version 2 MIDI file has more tracks, where each track is a new song.

MIDI tracks:
The number of tracks in the MIDI file. Each track can contain MIDI commands.

MIDI resolution:
The resolution tells about the smallest possible note and pause steps in the song.
24 units per beat means that the smallest note length would be a 1/96 note.

Song time:
The total time of the song in minutes:seconds:milliseconds (from beginning till last end of track)

Play time:
The total play time of the song in minutes:seconds:milliseconds (from beginning till last event in the song)

MIDI initial tempo:
The tempo that is used at start of the song, it is 120 beats per minute if no tempo is specified by the song.

MIDI copyright:
Copyright text of the MIDI publisher.

MIDI lyrics:   
tells if lyrics are inside the song and which format it uses (karaoke words, lyrics, other).

Track list:
The track list displays a table for a MIDI song with columns track number, channel number, track title, volume, blance, chorus, reverb and a keyboard view that shows the notes used in song by each channel.
During playing a MIDI song the keyboard view displays which note keys are currently played by each channel.

Hint: Some table entries can be clicked with left mouse button to start a function that allow to modify the information (e.g. click into column Volume starts the set controller value operation with the channel in this table row and controller type Volume).

Window settings can extend this short track info to verbose track info, which tells also other initial parameters that are used in this track.

The song can contain text information of different kind. This information is collected here for each of these types.

More fields are shown when extra information is added by the user e.g. artist, song title, melody channel, transpose value, rating, comment.

The buttons Full/Middle/Karaoke may be used to move the splitter of this window to a position that the upper information part is fully visible or the bottom karaoke part is fully visible or both parts are visible. There are also options in menu window available.

There is an option in menu settings to show verbose track information.

The text can be copied to clipboard (Ctrl-C) or to a text editor (Ctrl-E).

The MIDI document window contains following information if a text file generated by MIDI to ASCII text conversion is loaded:

// C:\gnmixer\liebessp.mid
version 1 // several tracks with separated channels to play all at once
// 13 tracks
unit 24 // is 1/4
end mthd

mtrk // track 1
/* U0 */ /* 0ms */ trackname "Liebesspieler (Die Toten Hosen)"
/* U0 */ /* 0ms */ copyright "(c) 1990 Die Toten Hosen"
/* U0 */ /* 0ms */ marker "sequenced 1998 by GN"
/* U0 */ /* 0ms */ tact 4 / 4 24 8
/* U0 */ /* 0ms */ beats 100.00000 /* 600000 microsec/beat */
8279; /* U8279 */ /* 206975ms */
end mtrk