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MIDI command filter
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[in menu Modify/Controller operations as MIDI filter commands]

This operation removes MIDI commands (also called MIDI events) of chosen types. It can also change international text characters contained in text commands into ASCII text characters.

META commands
·Copyright   (this is disabled, the operation does not allow to remove existing copyright information)  
·Cue point  
·Prefix Port  
·Prefix Channel  
·Sequence trackname (trackname only in first track)  
·Meter (bar length info)  
·Key (song key)  

Hint: Turn on META check box that you can select META command types

Sysex commands
remove all sysex commands when checked (check META option that this check box can be used)  

Channel depending commands
·Controller changes      select controller command numbers in right side list box  
·Program changes  


select one or more channel numbers, only those channel depending commands that match a selected channel will be removed  

Controller change commands
Check box Controller changes must be selected first, then select one or more controller numbers that will be removed for selected channel numbers  

ASCII text only
all non-ASCII text characters (e.g. international characters like è, ü, ß ...) are replaced against ASCII characters. This is useful if a MIDI device can't display international characters.