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Keystrokes for Nokia 3310/3330 mobile phone tone editor
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Nokia phone model 3330 includes a ring tone editor where a new ring tone melody can be edited by pressing the phone keys.
MIDI to RTTTL ring tone conversion creates this info and displays the keystrokes in the window.

Start the tone editor on your Nokia 3310 or 3330 for entering a new melody. Be sure that the current octave and note length are initialized.

    enter 1  that should show 4c1 on display    (if not then use keys 8,9,*)
    enter <c> to remove the 4c1 from display

Hint: Enter the digits, *,# exactly as displayed in the document window (don't miss one, each is important to create correct melody).

Hint: The melody input on the phone might be limited (e.g. 50 notes).

Hint: It can't be guaranteed that the keystrokes are working with all mobile phones of these types (version or country depending differences can cause it to fail).