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Map notes to scale
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[in menu Modify/Note operations]

this operation modifies notes from selected channels to match the selected scale key by mapping rules defined in the chosen scale mapping file.

Mapping file
is a text file with file extension *.mapscale that contains lines in following format:
keyname [ notename or notename+increment notename-decrement ]
C-Major [ c dis+1 d dis+1 e f fis+1 g gis+1 a ais+1 bb ]

if the chosen scale is not listed or a note is not listed in the line for the scale then the notes are not modified.

Scale key
major and minor scales that can be chosen for the mapping.

lists the channel numbers (1-16) that chould be modified if necessary.
By default all channels except GM drum channel 10 are selected (1-9 11-16).
Choose a selection from the dropdown list or enter the numbers of channels separated by spaces e.g. 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 or e.g. 1-9 10-15