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Sort tracks in a format 1 MIDI file
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[in menu Modify]

This operation is used to change the current order of tracks in a MIDI format 1 file. This is useful when you need a track at certain position or when your MIDI device can only play few tracks.

The dialog shows current tracks of a MIDI song. Each line contains:
·Original track number: Track 1 etc.  
·Track channel number: 1-16 or - (if no channel MIDI events) or multi (if more than one channel used in this track)  
·Track title: Title "..." or Tempo track or none  
·Track initial program: Program ... or none  

Move Up
Move Down
select a line and move it up or down. It is not allowed to move track 1 (Tempo track). It is not allowed to move a track in front of Tempo track. It is not possible to move last track down. The buttons are disabled in these cases.