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Prepare MIDI song before playing
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These options prepare a MIDI file before it is played with internal or standard MIDI player, selecting one or more options will play a temporary MIDI file instead of the original MIDI file.

No mode changes
plays the original MIDI file without any initialization or program modifications, except common volume option that will be considered.  

GM only
removes all non-GM MIDI commands (bank controls, sysex) and add GM Reset sysex. This option is useful for GM compatible MIDI devices that would play GM2, GS or XG MIDI files wrong.  

GM reset

adds a GM sysex.  

GM2 reset
adds a GM2 sysex.  

GS reset
adds a GS sysex.  

XG reset
adds a XG sysex.  

Common volume
adjust volume level to a common volume level by modifying some controller values.