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Set controller values
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[in menu Modify/controller operations]

A controller command consists of a controller type (0-127) and a controller value (0-127).
Each channel (1-16) has its own controller settings.

Typical controllers are Volume, balance (panpot), Chorus, Reverb.
These controller values from beginning of a song are displayed in the track list of information window and can be changed, deleted or its position moved with a click into a table cell.

Some special controller commands only work in combination with other controllers e.g. Data, RPN, NRPN, MSB Bank, LSB Bank

Choose a controller type
First a channel number (1-16) and a controller type (0-127) must be chosen. Important controller types are named in the list (e.g. 7 Volume).
Edit controller list
For the chosen channel and controller type a list of currently existing controller values and their position inside the MIDI song are displayed.
Select a line to start an operation with this entry.
with double mouse click or button click a dialog displays that allows to change the controller value and optionally also the position. The controller value must be a number 0 till 127.
The position is a MIDI unit (number 0 or higher) or a beatnumber.unit (b.uuu) or a measure number.beatnumber.unit (M.b.uuu).
Example: 527 2.047 1.2.047 are same position in a MIDI song with note resolution 480 units per beat.
inserts a new controller command before the current controller command (initially with the same position)

inserts a new controller command after the current controller command

marks the controller command for deleting. After using OK the controller command will be deleted from the song.

Hint: A controller command will be moved when the position will be changed during Edit.