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User operations
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example tool with options (this converts MIDI to easy readable text)  

GNMIDI contains many operations for modifying or converting MIDI files. But sometimes a user might have a need for very specific operation which can not be found in GNMIDI application.
Since GNMIDI 3.18 a new feature is available where users may solve this lack by user functions.
A user with certain operation wishes may contact
and ask if such a tool can be developed.
If possible then the user might order tools that do the wanted tasks
. The license price depends on the required work time and
if the user needs the results for commercial uses (company or selling results). Existing standard tools are cheaper.
The tools are delivered with an application that can be used for starting the tools and a license that needs to be installed before the tools can be used.
Some user function might
use options like channel numbers or conditions which modifications should be done. These options are displayed in a dialog before conversion starts.
The conversion can be done for a single input file (when the input document is open and active) or as batch convertion of an input folder to an output folder (in batch menu and convert menu when no document is open).

Before using a new tool the license for the tool must be installed and an unused user tool menu item must be clicked to choose the delivered .gntool file using a file dialog.

Converters usually modify MIDI files but could also convert MIDI to an other format (e.g. as the standard MIDI to note text tool does).
A user tool can also convert a text file (e.g. as the standard Note text to MIDI tool does).

Converters usually read input files from a location and write the result to an other location (e.g. convert input folder to output folder).
In some cases exceptions from this rule can be done when the input files and output files are not conflicting (e.g. other file extension) or
if the risk is taken by user if input files are modified directly without generating a second file. The user is responsible for a safe work. It is recommended to backup input files before conversions and working only with copies.

demo tool bigband
this tool demonstrates a user tool.  
It changes the sounds of a given GM compatible MIDI song to a chosen sound configuration (e.g. strings).  

Programmers who would like to program their own user operations would need a license for gnbatchdialog tool that the own tools are accepted by GNMIDI. It requires knowledge in programming Windows DLL and writing a .gntool and .ini text file that describes how the tool is to use. gnbatchdialog macros are used to build command lines. For manipulating or converting MIDI files it requires knowledge about MIDI file format.