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Start external tool
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This operation allows to define up to 5 external tools that can be started by menu item or ALT+number key shortcut (e.g. Alt+1, Alt+2 ...).

The commandlines for the application must be set in gnmidi.ini settings:


CommandlineExternTool1=y:\util\gnmixer.exe %quotedpath%

optional variables

%quotedpath%    will be replaced by the quoted full path of current document in GNMIDI e.g. "c:\midi\Blue line.mid"
Hint: the quotes will be added if necessary (when the path contains spaces, Windows commandline usually requires "..." quotes in this case).

%unquotedpath%     will be replaced by the full path of current document without any quotes in GNMIDI e.g. c:\midi\Blue line.mid

Hint: use full application path that it can be found.
Hint: the variable can be omitted if the application should be started without any document.
Hint: after first use the operation complains about missing .ini setting and writes example settings into the gnmidi.ini file and opens the gnmidi.ini file with notepad editor.