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GNMixer - Remix MIDI file settings

What is GNMixer? GNMixer is a MIDI song parameters editor. GNMixer is also a Standard MIDI file player, which displays current song settings in a table. Simple mouse clicks into the table change current settings of song and are to hear when song is currently playing. The song settings can be saved to a MIDI file.
Parameters like sound program, volume, stereo balance, reverb, chorus, octave, mute can be changed for every channel. Total volume can be adjusted and whole song excluding drum channel 10 can be transposed. The software can load different program definition sets for assigning sounds of a special MIDI device to the MIDI song. Parameters can also be modified on external MIDI device and GNMixer recognizes it through active MIDI input and performs the change to the current loaded or playing song.
GNMixer changes current song tempo or increases or decreases current tempo smoothly during playing.
GNMixer has a playlist window and playlist editor. Most important operations during performance can be done by pressing single keyboard key.
Trialware This software is not free, you can try the demo for 14 days to find out if the software does what you need. After trial period is over you have to decide between registering or deleting GNMixer installation folder and demo. Even if you need it seldom you must register if you want to use it further. The demo is not intended for work, it demonstrates the capabilities of GNMixer. Unregistered demo version saves only first minute of the modified midi song. Full registered version saves whole modified MIDI song.
Download GNMixer demo
(423 kb)
Current GNMixer demo version is 1.10 . You can download here: Canada Austria
GNMixer installation The GNMixer software is zip compressed. Unzip into a new folder on your harddisk (e.g. c:\GNMixer). Newer Windows systems can show the zip file content as a Windows folder and can extract into a new folder. Other systems need install unzip software (Winzip, PKZip) before GNMixer can be installed. Start gnmixer.exe with MS Explorer. Demo will start with a demo reminder, full version does not show the reminder.
Registration price Single user license for GNMixer costs 15 Euro at company . Anonymous purchase is not possible, users personal data (name, address, email) is used to create license. Full version is delivered postal way to users address.
Software upgrade Registration of GNMixer is valid for any version between 1.00 and 1.99 . Registered users can download newer demo in future and install it into their GNMixer folder.
Software language The software is currently only available in English language.
How to register? You can order single user license at company This is quickest method to register. You find some alternative but slower ways inside current GNMixer demo (file readme.txt).
Order now Order GNMIDI software NOW at
Important information about orders
How do I get my license? After successful order the newest software version and full registration key will be sent to your delivery address on CD-ROM CD (or floppy disk if wanted). Soon after your successful registration at we send a temporary license key to your email address if it is specified and valid. Full registration key will not be sent by email.
Bonus for new GNMIDI registrations If you order GNMIDI software now then you may request a free GNMixer software registration as bonus. Fill the request form that you find on your GNMIDI cdrom and send it soon to us. Only the person who is already a registered GNMIDI user will get the additional permission to use GNMixer too.
System requirements GNMixer runs only with Windows system. It was tested with Windows ME/2000/XP. It might run with other systems (95/98/NT) but we are not able to test on these systems. Before purchasing GNMixer license please download current demo version and try it on your computer.
GNMixer player uses your soundcard or MIDI card to play MIDI songs. It plays well with GM compatible keyboards or MIDI modules. For active input from external MIDI keyboard a MIDI cable and a MIDI card or soundcard is necessary.
Who should use GNMixer? GNMixer is used from musicians who like to optimize downloaded or purchased MIDI songs for use with their keyboard or synth. GNMixer users like to play song with melody set to mute and play melody self on keyboard. GNMixer concentrates at changing settings and is therefore much easier to use than a MIDI sequencer.
Here are comments from GNMixer users.
Screenshot Click on small image GNMixer Screenshot to get a screenshot of GNMixer.
Sound program sets made by users for special keyboards and modules
Roland Roland MT32 module Roland Edirol SD-90 studio canvas module
Yamaha PSR 2000 keyboard Yamaha PSR9000 keyboard (XG and PANEL sounds) Yamaha Tyros keyboard Yamaha Tyros 2 keyboard
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