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Important order information

Try software before order
You should download and try program demo before you order a software license. Demo and full version are identical programs with some demo limitations that are independent on functionality. Only if you try the demo first you can find out if the software works on your computer and will do what you expect.
Where can I order?
GNMIDI software can be ordered from company Other methods are listed in the files delivered with demo: register.txt, form.txt, formular.txt
Credit card orders are quickest.
What do I get after order and payment?
When ordering from you first get mail about your successful order and a link where you can download or print your invoice.
Then forwards order information (name, email, address, product) and usually within 48 hours you should receive information about your registration, installation and delivery.
If you don't receive such a mail within 48 hours please check your spam or filtered mail folders if your mail system catched the mail away by mistake.
Contact if you didn't receive such a mail or if you have problems with installation.
When will I receive my cdrom?
The cdrom will usually be sent a week after your order. Before cdrom delivery it is possible to cancel your order if you find out that it is wrong purchase or if you don't enjoy the software.
Delivery time depends on distance. Within Europe it is delivered within a week. International delivery can take 2-3 weeks. If you haven't received your cdrom within a month after your order then please contact, maybe a postal delivery problem is the reason.
Where can I ask my questions?
Please ask questions about payment directly to the ordering service that you used (
Please ask questions about order, delivery and software directly to © Günter Nagler Contact visitor counter