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About the GNMIDI project
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Project author: Günter Nagler, Austria

From 1995-1999 I wrote many command line MIDI utilities for DOS. This program should offers many operations of these utilities and more. Many people are not familiar with computers using DOS or UNIX command lines, so GNMIDI - for Windows - is much easier to use. This project was also a programming test for me. I successfully used the sources of the DOS utilities without any changes in my Windows program.

The project started with some popular utilities and I may add new ones from time to time. The project has become a full featured program and is in a very
stable state.

The software is available in English or German.

GNMIDI is currently tested under following environments: Windows XP (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit).

GNMIDI might work with Windows systems Win95, WinME, Win98, WinNT4, Win2000, Vista, Windows7-64bit but this is not listed in supported systems because we currently do not test on these environments. We can not give any guarantees for these systems that a GNMIDI version will work for these systems. Test the demo carefully on your system to be sure that it works well. Please let us know your results if you are using one of these operating systems.