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Introducing GNMIDI
About the GNMIDI project
End user license agreement
How to register GNMIDI
How to print this help file
Notepad Editor
GNMIDI support
GNMIDI user interface
The principles of using GNMIDI
Information displayed in a MIDI document window
Karaoke display
File menu
Analyse menu
Convert menu
Modify menu
Controller operations submenu
Note operations submenu
Sound operations submenu
Tempo operations submenu
Volume operations submenu
Player menu
Reset midi device submenu
Settings menu
Window menu
Help menu
GNMIDI operations
Batch operations for favourite operations
Open a MIDI file
Close a MIDI file
Play a MIDI file
Stop the MIDI song player
Save a MIDI file
Change MIDI format
Check and repair a MIDI file
Convert RIFF MIDI (.rmi) to standard MIDI file (.mid)
Fade a MIDI song
Make a MIDI medley
Play MIDI with favorite MIDI player
Change Volume (or Note velocities)
Copy part from a MIDI file
Generate control events in rhythmic or random way
Show short or verbose track information
Karaoke to MIDI with lyrics
Convert MIDI with lyrics to Karaoke MIDI
Trim mute song ending
Calculate maximum note polyphony
Reset GM, GM2, GS, XG, INIT
Reset device (SOS)
Prepare MIDI song before playing
Sort tracks in a format 1 MIDI file
Select MIDI output device for internal MIDI player
Compress MIDI
Humanize MIDI
Transpose MIDI
Map Channel Numbers
Guess Chords
Split Drums
Split Programs
Replace Notes
Change Resolution
Set copyright information
Edit track titles
Calculate tempo (BPM)
Stretch notes duration
Mute voices
Generate setup measure
Show or add secret copyright
Set tempo (bpm and percentually)
Check all MIDI files
Create new MIDI file
Browse MIDI folder
Reverse MIDI song
Check midi natural instrument note ranges
Remove hanging notes
Delete midi tracks
ASCII Text syntax
Guess song key and optionally set MIDI song key
Show original MIDI song keys
MIDI time calculator (calculate position, time, tact, tempo within a song)
Player status information
Insert Marker
Find text in MIDI and MP3 files
Set programs and banks (with sound check)
Prepare MIDI file for PianoDisc
Cripple notes
Song description
Adjust volume to common level before playing midi song (optional)
Set all MIDI to common volume level
Entertainment player
Delete duplicate notes
Print Lyrics
Pause/Continue MIDI Player commands
Backward/Forward MIDI Player commands
Mute Melody
Select a Midi Input
MIDI Recorder
Split notes into lower and upper half at splitpoint (left and right hand)
Edit Text
Tip of the day
MIDI melody to mobile phone ring tones (RTTTL)
RTTTL to MIDI song
MIDI to parsons code conversion
MIDI settings landscape view
Count-In 1,2,3,4
Remove Count-in notes
Insert empty measure
Initialize GM/GS/XG/GM2 mode
Optional MIDI compression during save operation
Keystrokes for Nokia 3310/3330 mobile phone tone editor
MIDI command filter
Seek long pauses in song
Seek parts with notes
Show tempo changes
Show text positions
Quantize pedal controllers to on/off
Set MIDI tempo without changing timing
Modify controller values by expressions
Generate tempo slide
Sysex Transfer
Karaoke Editor
Synchronization Editor
chord lines simply edited with synchronisation editor
Seek long notes in song
Fit improvisation to a score sheet
Monophon channels
Quantise notes
Compare MIDI files
Compare all MIDI files
Rename MIDI files by song titles
Rename track names to their MIDI filename
Clone channel
Clean MIDI song
Remove chords
Convert MIDI to (.csv) speadsheet
Convert (.csv) spreadsheet to MIDI file
Map notes to scale
Use a Play list
Chord editor
Prepare Casio Lightning
Edit theme
open demo music file
Future operations

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