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Copy part from a MIDI file
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Copy part
This operation copies a part of the MIDI song into a new MIDI file.  
The range start-end will be copied into a new MIDI file. Notes that play at start or end position will be cut to a smaller note inside the new range. Settings are not removed, so the part will play with original settings. Duplicate controller settings before the start position are combined. Pitchbend commands before start are combined.  

Remove part
This operation deletes a part of the MIDI song.  
Notes and lyrics that are fully inside middle part are deleted, notes overlapping middle range are shortened, pauses in middle part are deleted. Controllers, Pitchbend inside the middle part are kept and optimized so that the settings necessary for playing right part correctly are not lost.  

Time units:
Choose one of the 3 position formats for specifying start and ending of the cut range. Usually real time is wanted.

Realtime (
Time position relative to the beginning of the MIDI song.  
You can specify (minutes:seconds:milliseconds (e.g. 3:26.975) or minutes:seconds (e.g. 3:27) or seconds (e.g. 207).  

MIDI units
Precise positions in MIDI file units (a number between 0 and last unit in MIDI song). MIDI units are smallest usable note length or pause length in a MIDI song (e.g. at song resolution 96 a MIDI unit is a 1/384 note length).  

Beats (quarter notes)
position specified in beats (a number between 0 and last beat in MIDI song) since start of song (a beat is a quarter note)

Enter start and end position in selected position format.