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toolnew New
Create a new empty MIDI file  
toolopen Open...
Open an existing MIDI file.  
toolbrowse Browse ...
Display folder content  

tooledit Edit
open a text editor for exporting MIDI information or to edit a MIDI file that is converted to ASCII text.  

MIDI song description
show and modify song description (author, title, rating, style etc.)  

Close active MIDI information window and stop MIDI song if this song is currently playing.  

Save modified song and overwrite the file  

toolsaveas Save As ...
Save or rename song to a new filename and location  

Erase current MIDI file  
toolcopy Copy information
copy MIDI information into clipboard  
toolprint Print Lyrics
print song text  
Batch conversion
apply operations to whole MIDI folder. Using GNMIDI Light license batch operations are not available.  
Open Demo music files  
close the application