FAQ: GNMIDI simple use

GNMIDI is a MIDI file converter and editor. Since most operations modify the whole MIDI file the steps for modifications of a MIDI song is similar for all operations.

Modify a single MIDI file

Example: mute MIDI song channel 4 so that we can play this part self
  1. Use menu File/Open and choose the input MIDI file from your disk
  2. A window opens with information about the song (or karaoke view with lyrics)
  3. Most operations now refer to this selected song (menu entries and buttons are enabled or disabled depending if the operation can be used with this song).
  4. Start the MIDI file operation from menu Modify/Volume operations/Mute voices (an operation could be in menu convert or modify or analyse and many operations have also a toolbar icon or a shortcut key)
  5. A dialog might appear if an operation offers options. Select channel 4 in the list box and method "Delete notes" so that only the notes will be removed from the song (and the settings like sound remain in the song with channel 4)
  6. Start the operation with click on OK button or use cancel to abort the operation.
  7. The operation now reads the input song and creates a temporary result and opens this result in a new window (GNMIDI does not overwrite your input files because in many cases it would be impossible to undo the operation fully).
  8. You can use the temporary song for further operations or check if it plays correctly (use space key to start the song player).
  9. At end do not forget to use File/Save As to store the result in a new file. If you want to overwrite your input file be sure that you have a backup file somewhere. You can close temporary results that you don't need anymore with ESC key.

Modify many files by using batch operation (only available in GNMIDI Professional version)

Example: convert all files from format 1 to format 0
  1. use menu File/batch conversion to get the list of available batch operations
  2. choose operation convert all MIDI files to format 0
  3. Some other operations would now offer a dialog for choosing options. You would set some options and start the operation with OK.
    Convert all files from format 1 to format 0 has no options.
  4. Choose input folder and an empty output folder (it is not allowed to use same folder here)
  5. GNMIDI goes through your input folder and searches for all MIDI files (*.kar, *.mid) and applies the operation convert format 1 to format 0 for every input file and puts the result into output folder with identical name. Operations that convert MIDI to text result (e.g. convert to ASCII text) would change the output file extension (e.g. .txt)
  6. An error dialog might occur if some files cannot be converted (e.g. invalid MIDI files or no permission or output folder not writable or disk full)
  7. Open menu help/open log file to get information which files failed to convert © Günter Nagler Contact