gnblockwebsite - block listed web pages

1 Euro (incl. vat) or a donation for supporting GN work by changing the quantity
Windows software (7,8,10,11). When S-Mode is active in Windows Home then Windows does not allow to start the application.
Some web pages automatically open other unwanted web pages without asking.
Copy the web page url from browser and add it to blocking list with a click.
When downloading a page from the same host an error page with connection refused will open instead.
View End user license agreement
Demo has no limitations. At beginning it will ask for entering purchased license key. At end it will inform about ordering a license key.

After entering a valid license key it will show as full version.
single user
Windows systems:
The program is tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is not guaranteed to work fully with other Windows systems.
gnblockwebsitegui dialog screenshot
Download the zip package and extract the content into a new folder (do not use Windows folders like program files, system, desktop)
Start the application using file explorer from this folder.
Use file explorer to create a shortcut icon in your desktop and optionally set a key combination to start it quicklier.
The usage is described in following PDF document. Inside the application you can open this help also by pressing F1 key.