GNInsertController 1.6 for Windows

Price:25 Euro (incl. vat)
Order:online order
System:Windows software
Purpose:MIDI batch inserting and replacing or removing matching MIDI controllers, sysex, programs
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Demo: try the software free for 14 days, the end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
TESTVERSION: A testversion is still in development and might contain errors that are not detected yet (also called beta version). Users of a test version should have enough experience to find out if the results of the program are valid or wrong. Please inform the developer by email or contact form about any problems noticed. There is no legal warranty for using a testversion. The end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
License: single user, installation on up to 5 of your computers, 2 years free updates, the end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
Windows systems: The program is tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 and Windows 11. When S-Mode is active in Windows Home then Windows does not allow to start the application.
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Define action rules to insert MIDI commands at absolute or relative positions and chosen channels into one or more MIDI files.

MIDI commands: control, sysex, sound program, RPN (registered parameter controller), NRPN (non registered parameter controller)
channels: 1-16 (one or more channels)
replace existing commands: define by rule if a similar command near the insert position should be replaced
positions: MIDI unit, absolute time, bar position, beginning of song, end of song, before first note, after end of last note , after initial MIDI reset, between Initial MIDI reset and first note in channel
interactive positions: define one or more time positions in a MIDI file using the MIDI player
multiple commands: append another command to the insert position of previous action.
Optionally a distance can be defined (MIDI units or milliseconds) that should be kept between the insert position and relative position.

Run an insert definition: A set of rules (*.insdef) may be applied to a single file (overwrite with backup or result in new file) or to a whole folder (including subfolders) which is batch conversion. The demo limits the number of conversions. Obtain a license to get full Version without functional limitations. Reuse an existing definition (*.insdef) at later time with other files.

Typical usages:

  • insert MIDI controller between initial MIDI reset and a small distance before first note to start the vocalist for a given channel and insert an other MIDI controller on same channel after last note to turn off a vocalist device. If the controllers already exist then they should be replaced.
  • change pitch bend range of a certain channel using standard RPN controller (default is 2 halftones).
NEW Match and replace or remove MIDI sysex commands
supports wildcards * and xx to match sysex with variable data.
batch conversion of many MIDI files at once from an input folder into an output folder (including sub folders).
NEW Get a HTML MIDI summary about the content of a MIDI file.
Supports user defined comments for controllers, programs, sysex. Already contains comments for GM programs, most important GM standard controllers, reset sysex commands.
example screenshot of a HTML MIDI summary