1. Standard MIDI player: GNMIDI player prepares MIDI files for optimal playing with your MIDI sound device (GM/XG/GS compatibility, common volume)
  2. Karaoke player: GNMIDI displays song lyrics synchronized to melody
  3. Entertainment player: GNMIDI plays songs randomly chosen from your MIDI archive in background
  4. Music Training: Easily turn off the melody, play it yourself and record it instantly.
  5. MIDI recorder: GNMIDI records your keyboard playing through MIDI cable and stores it on your harddisk as standard MIDI file (SMF) in format 0 or 1
  6. MIDI karaoke editor: GNMIDI synchronizes song lyric syllables to melody notes
  7. MIDI synchronisation editor: GNMIDI synchronizes song lyric lines in real time (song play time)
  8. MIDI format converter: GNMIDI converts between MIDI formats 0, 1, 2.
  9. MIDI karaoke converter: GNMIDI converts between some popular MIDI karaoke formats including lyrics conversion and st3 karaoke format v4.5 import.
  10. MIDI file content viewer: GNMIDI displays important MIDI song information (copyright, version, tracks, tempo etc.) INSTANTLY when opened.
  11. MIDI file editor: GNMIDI changes song text, copyright, sound programs, volume, tempo, channels, note resolution, etc.
  12. MIDI transpose: GNMIDI transposes the song notes so that it uses the same scale as your scoresheet
  13. MIDI deep internals viewer: GNMIDI shows deep internal secret content of a MIDI song
  14. Ringtones converter: GNMIDI converts MIDI song melodies into mobile phone ringtones
  15. MIDI song demos creator: GNMIDI ringtones or smaller MIDI demos are simply created with cut, copy, fade in/out and batch processing.
  16. Medley creator: GNMIDI combines a series of MIDI files into a MIDI medley song
  17. Copyright signature: GNMIDI shows copyright info and adds your copyright to a song, it can also add a secret copyright signature to MIDI file
  18. Lyrics Printer: GNMIDI prints lyrics from a MIDI song
  19. MIDI splitter: GNMIDI splits drum tracks by drum instruments, splits notes distinguished by instrument, splits notes played by left and right hand
  20. MIDI file compressor: GNMIDI can compress your MIDI files without changing their musical content, the results will still be standard MIDI files
  21. MIDI file checker: GNMIDI can check your whole MIDI archive and repair invalid files if content is not too damaged
  22. MIDI volume controller: GNMIDI can fade in/out a song by volume, modify volume, set to common volume level
  23. MIDI song archiver: GNMIDI lets you assign properties to MIDI songs (interpret, rating, style, melody channel ...) which can be searched or filtered during Entertainment playing
  24. MIDI chord analyser: GNMIDI guesses chords from MIDI songs and saves them in a MIDI track in different formats
  25. MIDI chord format converter: GNMIDI converts existing chord formats into some popular chord formats
  26. MIDI note analyser: GNMIDI checks if notes are outside the range of natural instrument sounds, calculates maximum note polyphony
  27. MIDI command translator: GNMIDI has operations to replace notes, channels, track titles
  28. Pianodisc preparator: GNMIDI prepares MIDI songs for playing with pianodisc controlled pianos (magic fingers on piano)
  29. MIDI tempo controller: GNMIDI can change tempo, help user to find tempo with beats counter
  30. MIDI calculator: GNMIDI can calculate time, MIDI unit, meter at any song position
  31. MIDI batch processor: Many important MIDI operations can be applied to a folder that contains MIDI files
  32. Sysex dump tranfer tool: Comfortable sysex transfer
  33. Parsons code generator: GNMIDI converts MIDI melody to parsons code for use to search a melody
  34. Adapt improvisation to score sheet: GNMIDI helps to adjust MIDI songs played without metronom for better use with score sheet
  35. Hide playing imprecision: GNMIDI adjusts MIDI notes close to a given raster to hide your little imprecisions during live recordings.
  36. Monophonic melody: GNMIDI reduces number of notes playing concurrently.
  37. Comparing MIDI files: GNMIDI searches for similar MIDI files and displays the differences between two MIDI files.
  38. Renaming: GNMIDI sets song title according to filenames or renames MIDI file names according to their song titles.
  39. Cleaning: GNMIDI cleans your MIDI files.
  40. Cloning: GNMIDI copies channels with or without delay (echo effect)
  41. Converting CSV: GNMIDI converts content of MIDI files into comma separated text tables (.csv) including positions and durations in milliseconds, note names and note numbers. Optionally combines corresponding note on/off commands
  42. Count-In: GNMIDI inserts count-in drums and detects and removes unwanted count-in drums.
  43. Seek parts with notes: analyses all channels from a MIDI song to find groups of notes that are separated by longer pause (5sec)
  44. Remove count-in drum notes: find count-in drum intro at beginning of MIDI song and remove it
  45. Map notes to scale: use a table to map notes that do not fit into a given scale key
  46. Playlist editor: use playlist.exe application to add songs to a play list text file.
  47. Open and use playlist: open a playlist file that contains MIDI or MP3 songs in a predefined order. Play next song from the play list.
  48. Remove chords of given type or all chords from a MIDI song
  49. Optional display dancing ball above lyrics during karaoke display
  50. MIDI chords editor
  51. Remove chords batch operation
  52. Enable midi file light keys of Casio Lighted Keyboards (LK)
  53. synchronisation by lines supports space aligned chords/information lines above lyric lines
  54. keyboard display in information table (animated during playing that helps identifying the playing melody channel)
  55. supporting picture links inside lyrics
  56. supporting more languages available in fonts (e.g. Greek)
  57. transpose notes as batch operation
  58. clickable information table for quicker modifying of MIDI settings
  59. supporting 4k screens (uses bigger fonts and very big toolbar)
  60. generate listing for MIDI and MP3 songs containing information about content
  61. convert MIDI with lyrics and chords into MIDI with chords between lyrics for lyric displays that do not support chords displaying
  62. user operations can be programmed specially for a certain user to add individual MIDI operations (costs for programming work)
  63. split English and German lyrics into syllables as they are sung
  64. show MIDI commands initialising a song
  65. Bouncing karaoke ball: rotating balls showing the current playing position inside lyrics
  66. Statistics: creates tables with statistics how often events are used within a song
  67. Melody note scores: display melody note positions during karaoke display on score lines (optionally with note names displayed below)
  68. find melody channel in MIDI song: play selective MIDI channels till only melody is playing, store melody channel(s) in MIDI description
  69. extendable by standard user tools: e.g. search and replace text in MIDI files, search and replace text in text files, midi to note text, note text to midi
  70. ... more: that you will find useful when you are seriously working with GNMIDI
See also GNMIDI handbook (PDF).
Please contact us if you have questions.