FAQ: How to generate lyrics with chords display if your MIDI keyboard does not support chords

Some Keyboards support chords

Some higher priced keyboards (often called work stations) display score and chords above lyrics. Yamaha keyboards or pianos need the chords in PSR XF Format. GNMIDI Professional 3 can generate chords and edit chords in this format.
Some video display machines use a sysex format to display chords and lyrics (e.g. Wordbox sysex). The reason is that MIDI standard does not transfer meta commands through MIDI cable and so only a system exclusive command (syex) can transfer text of different kind (chords, lyrics) to the device. GNMIDI Professional 3 can generate chords and edit chords in this sysex format.

Most keyboards and video text devices do not support chords

Unfortunately there is no standardized chord format published by MMA (MIDI Manufacturing association). Only for standard lyrics there is a specification.
Chords are usually available at certain bar positions (e.g. at some bar beginnings or at some bar center positions or at some beat positions). These positions usually are conflicting with lyric positions where lyric words could be available at any position so that chords are often between lyric syllables in middle of words.
Displaying such a MIDI file using a device that does not display chords separately causes a chaos display with chords hardly to read and mixed with lyrics.
bad chord display when chords are not supported
bad chord display when chords are not supported

GNMIDI Professional 3 identifies chords of different formats and displays them separately in an own line above lyrics.
GNMIDI 3 displays chords above lyrics
GNMIDI 3 displays chords above lyrics

Using fixed fonts for lyric and chords display

If a software or lyric display device supports fixed fonts then the chords can be placed in an own line above lyrics and positioned using space characters. A GNMIDI Professional 3 operation can produce this using conversion to "chords above lyrics".
Unfortunately most devices do not allow to change font and use a proportional width font (each character has other width).
After this conversion the chords and lyrics are lines (no syllables).

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Melodie der Heimat

Musik und Text: bonmidi music

    G           D
Der Melodie der Heimat
    C            G
hör ich so gerne zu
     C                   G
dann fühl ich mich nicht einsam
     C                      D
mein Herz kommt schnell zur Ruh
    G                D
Bin ich auch nicht zuhause
   C                G
so denk ich stets daran
    C                G
wie es so schön doch wäre
     D           G
wenn alles ruhen kann
    G                     D
Die Liebsten in der Ferne wissen
beim ersten Glockenschlag
      G                      D
die Gedanken ja sie gehn auf Reisen
und spielen mit im Takt

(converted using GNMIDI to chords lines above lyric lines)

Convert chords and lyrics to a song text that makes chords and lyrics easier readable during live performance

GNMIDI Professional 3 contains a conversion of chords and lyrics to formatted lyrics using method "Chords between lyrics". Some options allow to configure the displaying of chords for users preference:

after GNMIDI 3 converting using lyricsafter GNMIDI 3 converting using lyrics

This conversion is available in GNMIDI 3 version 3.18 and can be tried with demo.
Contact: info@gnmidi.com