GNMIDI Professional 3.39 MIDI Tools for Windows

GNMIDI is a Karaoke MIDI song player, converter and MIDI editor.
It inserts and synchronises lyrics and chords into MIDI and mp3 songs and can analyse, modify, convert MIDI files by many operations.
GNMIDI can solve many MIDI tasks for you.
Please use the contact form to get advice how your task can be done with GNMIDI.
36 Euro (Professional license) or 20 Euro (Light license) (incl. vat)
differences between Professional and Light license
Windows software
MIDI player, editor, converter, MIDI/MP3 karaoke editor, helpful tools
Did you know that GNMIDI can

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try the software free for 14 days, the end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
single user, 5 installations on your own computers, 2 years free updates, the end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
Windows systems:
The program is tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 and Windows 11. When S-Mode is active in Windows Home then Windows does not allow to install or start application. It is not guaranteed to work fully with other Windows systems.


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GNMIDI screenshot karaoke
Choose a melody MIDI channel with right mouse button to see the melody scores.

GNMIDI Screenshot MIDI info  GNMIDI Screenshot Mp3 info

GNMIDI Screenshot with karaoke and keyboard view


New media converter released: gnmediahelper


GNMIDI 3.39 released:
  • added: add favorites (+) and open favorites (F3 key) quicklier
  • added: entertainment player option filter by favorites
  • added: midi song event parameter statistics (value ranges by channel)
  • improved: map dialog display notes at cursor position and bar numbers
  • improved: seek files by text now generates a play list result so that songs can be opened from playlist
  • improved: play list shortcut F9 to bring an open playlist window to front
  • added: status bar edit field to play to a song position during playing
  • improved: play list display title entry from playlist file if available instead of file name
Custom batch operations
If you seek an operation specially for modifying your set of midi files please contact us. We can develop a batch application for your need so that you can safe much time doing it manually. GNMIDI 3 Professional contains a plugin concept to add new user operations to GNMIDI (without changing GNMIDI itself).

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