gnmediahelper 1.1 for Windows - easier converting using FFmpeg

gnmediahelper is a Windows command line tool that calls the mighty free FFmpeg tool for essential media operations with video,audio or image files. The usage is less complex than using ffmpeg.exe directly and it can define user operations that remember the difficult details how to use FFmpeg with a certain complex operation. With gnmediahelper you can also use your own single file converter tool for batch conversions.
gnmediahelper single can convert or modify single files and apply combi operations.
gnmediahelper batch can define user operations and can convert many files and a folder tree at once.
30 Euro (batch license) or 15 Euro (single license) (incl. vat)
Windows software
call ffmpeg.exe for simplier usage, convert and modify video,audio,image files with many operations. Batch convert many files using your own single file converter commandline tool.
PDF Documentation
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try the software free for 14 days, the end user license agreement must be accepted when installing the license.
single user, 5 installations on your own computers, 2 years free updates, the end user license agreement must be accepted at license installation.
Windows systems:
The program is tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 and Windows 11. When S-Mode is active in Windows Home then Windows does not allow to install or start application. It is not guaranteed to work fully with other Windows systems.
gnmediahelper has been tested with few newer ffmpeg.exe versions. Using other versions is possible but some operations might fail if the version is not compatible.
gnmediahelper only task is to call ffmpeg.exe tool that you need to install self. Results only depend on ffmpeg.exe tool and gnmediahelper can not deliver other or better results.
For converting mp3 files this application tries to secure the lyrics (ID3 USLT, ID3 SYLT, Lyrics3) that are lost during ffmpeg.exe calls.
gnmediahelper screenshot Typical usage of gnmediahelper is:
A usual gnmediahelper session looks like this in cmd.exe

C:\> y:
Y:\> mkdir result
Y:\> cd "\mymusic\The Beatles"
Y:\mymusic\beatles> dir *.mp3
05.02.2013  22:59         6.799.242 The Beatles - Hey Jude.mp3
04.02.2013  04:51         2.011.512 The Beatles - Yesterday.mp3

Y:\mymusic\beatles> gnmediahelper "The Beatles - Yesterday.mp3" y:\result op:fadein 10
Y:\mymusic\beatles> dir y:\result\*.mp3
09.01.2024  11:39         2.010.595 yesterday with fadein.mp3

Y:\mymusic\beatles> gnmediahelper "y:\result\yesterday with fadein.mp3" op:open

each operation contains usage and examples:
C:\> gnmediahelper -help=scale
usage: op:scale width[%] height[%]
gnmediahelper "pink flowers.bmp" "pink flowers.png op:scale 300% 200
gnmediahelper "pink flowers.bmp" *.png op:scale height:100 width=50%
gnmediahelper "cat leo.mp4" "cat op:scale width=400
gnmediahelper c:\users\user\pictures\*.jpg %temp%\resultpictures\*.png op:scale height=600

usage: op:scaleaspect width[%] height[%] padcolor
gnmediahelper "pink flowers.bmp" "pink flowers.png op:scaleaspect 1000 1000 gray
gnmediahelper "pink flowers.bmp" *.png op:scaleaspect padcolor:black height:800 width=150%
gnmediahelper "cat leo.mp4" "cat op:scaleaspect width=400
gnmediahelper c:\users\user\pictures\*.jpg %temp%\resultpictures\*.png op:scaleaspect height=640 width=480 padcolor=red

PDF documentation describes operations and usage with many examples and how user operations can be defined.
gnmediahelper already contains many standard operations. Using user operations new operations can be added that may call ffmpeg.exe or an other commandline converter.
In future more standard operations could be added (send your ideas to


gnmediahelper 1.1 released:
  • added: operation op:removeaudiocenter (a method to remove vocals)
  • added: operation op:resampleaudio (set fixed bitrate in audio)
  • added: keep lyrics META data when converting mp3 files that FFmpeg removes
  • added: update lyric times in some mp3 operations (e.g. op:copypart).
  • fixed: batch operations did not log files with errors
  • added: incremental batch conversions option -incremental
  • added: GNMIDI Professional now does some mp3 operations same way