GNMIDFMT 2.6 MIDI format 0, 1, 2 converter for Windows

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Price:12 Euro (incl. vat)
Order:online order
System:Windows software
Purpose: MIDI converter (0, 1, 2)
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Demo: try the software free for 14 days, the end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
TESTVERSION: A testversion is still in development and might contain errors that are not detected yet (also called beta version). Users of a test version should have enough experience to find out if the results of the program are valid or wrong. Please inform the developer by email or contact form about any problems noticed. There is no legal warranty for using a testversion. The end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
License: single user, installation on up to 5 of your computers, free updates till 2.99, the end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
Windows systems: The program is tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is not available when Home S-Mode is active.
GNMIDI screenshot GNMIDFMT converts between MIDI formats 0, 1, 2 (also called MIDI type or MIDI version).
The first toolbar button opens a single MIDI file for single file conversion
The second toolbar button opens a folder for converting multiple or all MIDI files in this folder
For batch converting all MIDI files in a folder including files in sub folders you need GNMIDI 3 Professional
  • The comfortable Windows software allows to batch convert several files at once.
  • The software lists current MIDI file type of each file.
  • GNMIDFMT checks validity of MIDI files.
  • Simple click on button 1 2 or 3 converts single file or selected files.
  • Documentation explains differences of MIDI formats.
  • Some hardware or software only supports format 0.
  • Format 1 has advantage that author can name each track content by a title.