gnscript demo - a script language for Windows applications

Windows software
commandline script interpreter, programming language, learning programming from many source examples
Future purposes:
Integration of script interpreter into commercial applications
Make certain programming steps more flexible by scripts (for expert customers)
Unzip the .zip archive file into a new empty folder and use Windows commandline (cmd.exe or cmd32.exe) for experimenting with script language.

example gnscript with function greatestcommonfactor(m,n) and unit tests

the commandline script demo interpreter can be used free for testing or learning programming.
It requires knowledge in using Windows commandline (cmd32.exe) for starting the gnscript with your own script examples .
Currently the script interpreter is in testing phase and yet not available for licensed use in your own application.
Windows systems:
The program is tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is not guaranteed to work fully with other Windows systems.


Ideas for uses

Test feedback

For the case that you find a problem during programming your own script, please create and send a small .gnscript that produces the situation and uses a unit test function to demonstrate what the script produced and what was expected (e.g. see 001-logic.gnscript example). Ideally the unit test should fail and display the difference between expected and result.
unittest_areequal(myfunction(myargument), "expected result", __CODEPOS__() );
unittest_areequal(unittest_count(), 1, "incomplete");