GNMIDI Frequently Asked Questions

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Which languages do exist

GNMIDI exists in English language and in German language.

Is GNMIDI available for OSX, Linux or Unix systems?

GNMIDI is available for Windows systems. There is no version specially compiled for other systems.
Some users wrote that they successfully use GNMIDI software in system OSX, Linux, Unix using Windows emulator software Wine ( Please test that self to be sure if it works. There is no guarantee for using GNMIDI using Wine emulator software.

Where can I find GNMIDI and how much does it cost?

GNMIDI product can be found at (English) and at (German). There you can download and try the demo free for 14 days. Avoid downloading from other pages than the official sites since there are many harmless looking web pages that are infected by viruses and trojan horses (which are installed in background without that you get notice that something unwanted is done).
GNMIDI single user license costs 36 Euro (incl. VAT) and can be ordered here: English and German.

May I test the demo longer after the 14 days testing period is over?

You may test next GNMIDI version again for 14 days.
It would be nice if you write an email to and tell us what you think about GNMIDI product even if you decide not to purchase a GNMIDI license.

Which program can convert many MIDI files to format 0?

There are 3 MIDI file formats: 0, 1, 2. Most MIDI files are in format 1. Format 2 is rarely in use. GNMIDI can play all these formats. Many keyboards can only use MIDI files that are in format 0.
Use programs GNMIDI or GNMIDFMT to convert many files at once to format 0:
GNMIDFMT converts single MIDI file or many MIDI files that are in a folder.
GNMIDI converts single or all files in folder and its subfolders.

How to remove lyrics from a .kar file?

Some .kar files contain song text twice (META text and META lyrics). Some players display both song text merged at same time which is surely not wanted. You might prefer the text instead of lyrics.
Use operation GNMIDI filter MIDI commands in menu Modify/controller operations to remove all META lyric commands.

How to modify certain measures instead of whole MIDI file?

Most operations in GNMIDI can only be applied to whole MIDI file or whole track or whole channel. You need a MIDI sequencer to modify measures of a MIDI file.

Can GNMIDI insert lyrics into a MIDI file?

GNMIDI can insert lyrics into MIDI files and MP3 songs.
GNMIDI can synchronize lyric lines quickly (MIDI and MP3, Synchronization editor).
GNMIDI can synchronize lyric syllables to MIDI notes (Karaoke editor).
Tutorials are available: Synchronization editor, Karaoke editor

Can GNMIDI insert lyrics into a MP3 song?

GNMIDI can insert lyrics into MIDI files and MP3 songs.
GNMIDI can synchronize lyric lines quickly (MIDI and MP3, Synchronization editor).
Tutorial is available: Synchronization editor © Günter Nagler Contact