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GNMIDI - MIDI Tools for Windows

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What is GNMIDI?
GNMIDI is a Karaoke MIDI song player, converter and editor. It's huge list of features are as follows:
  • Standard MIDI player: GNMIDI player prepares MIDI files for optimal playing with your MIDI sound device (GM/XG/GS compatibility, common volume)
  • Karaoke player: GNMIDI displays song lyrics synchronized to melody
  • Entertainment player: GNMIDI plays songs randomly chosen from your MIDI archive in background
  • Music Training: Easily turn off the melody, play it yourself and record it instantly.
  • MIDI recorder: GNMIDI records your keyboard playing through MIDI cable and stores it on your harddisk as standard MIDI file (SMF) in format 0 or 1
  • MIDI karaoke editor: GNMIDI synchronizes song lyric syllables to melody notes
  • MIDI synchronisation editor: GNMIDI synchronizes song lyric lines in real time (song play time)
  • MIDI format converter: GNMIDI converts between MIDI formats 0, 1, 2.
  • MIDI karaoke converter: GNMIDI converts between some popular MIDI karaoke formats including lyrics conversion and st3 karaoke format v4.5 import.
  • MIDI file content viewer: GNMIDI displays important MIDI song information (copyright, version, tracks, tempo etc.) INSTANTLY when opened.
  • MIDI file editor: GNMIDI changes song text, copyright, sound programs, volume, tempo, channels, note resolution, etc., transposes notes
  • MIDI deep internals viewer: GNMIDI shows deep internal secret content of a MIDI song
  • Ringtones converter: GNMIDI converts MIDI song melodies into mobile phone ringtones
  • MIDI song demos creator: GNMIDI ringtones or smaller MIDI demos are simply created with cut, copy, fade in/out and batch processing.
  • Medley creator: GNMIDI combines a series of MIDI files into a MIDI medley song
  • Copyright signature: GNMIDI shows copyright info and adds your copyright to a song, it can also add a secret copyright signature to MIDI file
  • Lyrics Printer: GNMIDI prints lyrics from a MIDI song
  • MIDI splitter: GNMIDI splits drum tracks by drum instruments, splits notes distinguished by instrument, splits notes played by left and right hand
  • MIDI file compressor: GNMIDI can compress your MIDI files without changing their musical content, the results will still be standard MIDI files
  • MIDI file checker: GNMIDI can check your whole MIDI archive and repair invalid files if content is not too damaged
  • MIDI volume controller: GNMIDI can fade in/out a song by volume, modify volume, set to common volume level
  • MIDI song archiver: GNMIDI lets you assign properties to MIDI songs (interpret, rating, style, melody channel ...) which can be searched or filtered during Entertainment playing
  • MIDI chord analyser: GNMIDI guesses chords from MIDI songs and saves them in a MIDI track in different formats
  • MIDI chord format converter: GNMIDI converts existing chord formats into some popular chord formats
  • MIDI note analyser: GNMIDI checks if notes are outside the range of natural instrument sounds, calculates maximum note polyphony
  • MIDI command translator: GNMIDI has operations to replace notes, channels, track titles
  • Pianodisc preparator: GNMIDI prepares MIDI songs for playing with pianodisc controlled pianos (magic fingers on piano)
  • MIDI tempo controller: GNMIDI can change tempo, help user to find tempo with beats counter
  • MIDI calculator: GNMIDI can calculate time, MIDI unit, meter at any song position
  • MIDI batch processor: Many important MIDI operations can be applied to a folder that contains MIDI files
  • Sysex dump tranfer tool: Comfortable sysex transfer
  • Parsons code generator: GNMIDI converts MIDI melody to parsons code for use to search a melody
  • Adapt improvisation to score sheet: GNMIDI helps to adjust MIDI songs played without metronom for better use with score sheet
  • Hide playing imprecision: GNMIDI adjusts MIDI notes close to a given raster to hide your little imprecisions during live recordings.
  • Monophonic melodyGNMIDI reduces number of notes playing concurrently.
  • Comparing MIDI filesGNMIDI searches for similar MIDI files and displays the differences between two MIDI files.
  • Renaming: GNMIDI sets song title according to filenames or renames MIDI file names according to their song titles.
  • Cleaning: GNMIDI cleans your MIDI files.
  • Cloning: GNMIDI copies channels with or without delay (echo effect)
  • Converting CSV: GNMIDI converts content of MIDI files into comma separated text tables (.csv) including positions and durations in milliseconds, note names and note numbers. Optionally combines corresponding note on/off commands
  • ... more: that you will find useful when you are seriously working with GNMIDI
GNMIDI Features
Here is a compact list of available GNMIDI operations. Full description can be read in software documentation.
GNMIDI does not contain
  • display or print score sheets (use a MIDI sequencer or score editor application with such a feature instead)
  • convert MIDI to WAV or MP3 (use a MIDI rendering application or better record the MIDI song from output of a real synthesizer instead)
  • edit scores of a song (use a MIDI sequencer or score editor application instead)
  • convert WAV or MP3 to MIDI (such a task is yet not fully solved for polyphonic music, today results usually contain many bad recognitions. Use a MIDI sequencer or note editor to enter the song from beginning or purchase a professional created MIDI file from a MIDI factory e.g. midiart)
Computer magazine
The German computer magazine c't wrote about GNMIDI.
Shareware This software is not free, you can try the demo for 14 days to find out if the software does what you need. After trial period is over you have to decide between registering or deleting GNMIDI installation folder and demo. Even if you need it seldom you must register if you want to use it further. The demo is not intended for work, it demonstrates the capabilities of GNMIDI.

Download GNMIDI demo
(1159 kb, English)
Current GNMIDI demo version is 2.56 . You can download here: Canada Austria Alternative
please inform author if download does not work.
GNMIDI installation
The GNMIDI software is zip compressed. Unzip into a new folder on your harddisk (e.g. c:\GNMIDI). Newer Windows systems can show the zip file content as a Windows folder and can extract into a new folder. Other systems need install unzip software (Winzip, PKZip) before GNMIDI can be installed. Start gnmidi.exe with MS Explorer. Demo will start with a demo reminder, full version does not show the reminder.
Registration price
Single user license for GNMIDI costs 25 Euro at company Anonymous purchase is not possible, users personal data (name, address, email) is used to create license. Full version is delivered postal way to users address. Companies need to purchase license for each person that will use GNMIDI software. Contact author to simplify ordering of more licenses.

Bonus for new registrations
BONUS 1: Registered GNMIDI users may use GNMIDFMT full version too.
BONUS 2: New registered users may request a free GNMixer registration. Fill the request form that you will find on your personal GNMIDI cdrom.
Do not register GNMIDFMT or GNMixer if you want to use the bonus.
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download and try GNMIDI demo free for 14 days
Software upgrade
Registration of GNMIDI is valid for any version between 2.00 and 2.99 . Registered users can download newer demo in future and install it into their GNMIDI folder. After installing your personal license from your GNMIDI cdrom the program will run as full version.
How to register?
You can order single user license by online at company This is quickest method to register. You find some alternative but slower ways inside current GNMIDI demo (file readme.txt).
How do I get my license?
After successful order the newest software version and full registration key will be sent to your delivery address on CD-ROM CD (or if wanted on floppy disk). Soon after your successful registration at we send a temporary license key to your email address if it is specified and valid. Full registration key will never be sent by email.
System requirements
GNMIDI only runs on Windows systems. It was tested with Windows XP/7 32 bit. It may well work with other systems (95/98/NT/2000/Vista/ME/64bit) but we have not tested it. Before purchasing GNMIDI license please download current demo version and try it on your computer.
GNMIDI player uses your soundcard or MIDI card to play MIDI songs. It plays well with GM compatible keyboards or MIDI modules.
Who should use GNMIDI?
GNMIDI is used by professional music companies, professional musicians, amateur musicians, MIDI keyboard players, and mobile phone users that produce ring tones from MIDI music. GNMIDI users are of all ages (10-70), use computers and like music. GNMIDI can be useful for any computer user who likes to work with MIDI files. For some users GNMIDI is a supplement to other software (e.g. pgmusic, cakewalk) because it can do very specific operations that are usually not available in MIDI sequencer software.
Here are comments from GNMIDI users who obviously enjoyed GNMIDI.
GNMIDI software is available in languages English and German.
Online Manual
Download the GNMIDI PDF manual (3 MB) or visit the online manual pages.
Get Adobe Reader logo In order to view or print the PDF manual you need to install free Adobe Reader.
Alternative download possibility for GNMIDI PDF manual
Click on a small image GNMIDI screenshot GNMIDI screenshot to get a screenshot of GNMIDI.
Thanks to users
Thanks to all GNMIDI users who registered. With your support it was possible to fulfill the dream of a disabled child (a keyboard). A Casio LK-73 lightning keyboard was given as Christmas present to a boy (through Stiftung Kindertraum). Additionally it was possible with help of GNMIDI users to support cancer research in recent years. Some help for humanitarian emergency and help organisations was possible. Please register GNMIDI software if you like our software so that more supporting can be done in future.
Virus Warning
Mentally disordered persons distributed faked emails with virus attachment.
GNMIDI is a useful development tool for the post-production of existing MIDI files. Add synchronised lyrics, modify volume, fade in/out, transpose notes, convert between MIDI formats 0, 1, 2, convert lyric format for use with certain keyboard displays, add chords ... These are only some of the popuplar operations that GNMIDI can do you. © Günter Nagler Contact visitor counter